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Storage Tips

T2 Trainspotting has arrived!


Where are your CD’s or DVD’s now – are they in a box at the back of a cupboard or in your loft in a box that you didn’t unpack after you moved house? We are guessing you don’t need them now but can you really bear to part with them?

If this is the case and you really can’t part with them or any other items from your past, we can provide you with a flexible storage solution at Len’s Self Storage.

New Year – Big Plans!


Have you gained more than just a few pounds over the festive period? Is your home in need of a post-holiday de-clutter? Read on for our top 5 tips!

Top 7 Tips for minimising the baby clutter!

Did you know that worldwide ~4 babies are born every second; that’s a lot of babies! (and even more stuff that comes with them!). On average, new parents spend close to £1000 on ‘baby essentials’ for their little one, and who can blame them wanting the best for their little bundle of joy! But looks can be deceptive.

Top 10 5minute de-clutter hacks everyone needs to know about!

De-cluttering your home is a big undertaking but keeping it that way can be an everyday battle against the clutter! So here are a few tips to make your fight against the mess a little easier (and less terrifying!). Take 5 minutes each day and tackle something [1]– the key to winning the larger battle is tackling the small ones first!

Happily ever organised!

Getting married is a special and memorable event in the life of any couple. But regardless of whether you spend two weeks or two years planning it, the big day comes flying in and before you know it you are someone’s wife (or husband!). One day to promise the commitment of a lifetime! And even after the flurry of the big day, if you are lucky, you still have that long awaited honeymoon to rest, relax and recover from pre-wedding stress. Jetting off into the sun for a few days seems like the perfect end to the perfect celebration!

Back in my day……

Getting on in years is something many people don’t like admitting to! But with the average person in Scotland living into their 80s , getting to those twilight years is becoming the norm. But part of getting older means accepting you’re not a teenager anymore! Though the mind may say twenty, unfortunately the body tells a different story.

Len’s Storage Guide

Home, personal and business storage can seem overly complicated when you have so much that needs organizing. Even if you choose to move some of your items into self storage, it can be a struggle trying to optimize your space. This is where Len’s Self-Storage steps in…