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Storage Tips

4 big benefits of a summer reshuffle

There’s something about the brighter days casting beams of light into your home that can make you consider – ‘why’s that there?’, ‘can we make more space’, ‘Do I need 2 of those?’ And, ‘don’t I already have something that’ll go there perfectly?’ So, we’ve put together a list of the benefits a summer reshuffle can bring, helping you to make hay while the sun shines.

Moving home? Here’s the checklist you can’t move without!

A lot happens when you move home and it can feel a little overwhelming – especially if you are downsizing, moving far from when you currently stay or just have a lot of things! So where do you start and what do you tackle first? It’s easy to lose focus in the hustle and bustle of moving!

Beginning a New Chapter

Starting a new job is an exciting affair. You’ve already made it through the hard parts; CV writing, the first interview, the second…. And finally you got the job! New people, new boss, new office, fresh start! Now is the time to make a good first impression on your future colleagues.

For Sale: The Pre LBTT Rush.

The Scottish property market set to be even busier due to the tax change in April. Under the rates proposed in the incoming LBTT system, any sales above £254,000 will incur a higher rate of tax compared with the current stamp duty structure, introduced in December in the Autumn Statement by George Osborne.

Taking the Leap: Moving in Together

Whether it’s happened organically: an overnight bag here, a few toiletries there, or you’ve spent months of rigorous planning and searching for the perfect property there is no doubt that cohabiting with a significant other is a big step!

Moving Home Tips

Consider what you are taking with you and what will need to be packed. Remember to give yourself plenty of time.