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It’s Appt

What does your business do?

My business is It’s Appt. It’s a mobile application that helps you choose the right gift, for the right person at the right time. It allows friends and family to buy each other presents and it works with a load of different internet shopping sites, it really takes the hassle out of finding the right gift.

What is a typical working day for you/what does it look like?

A typical day for me involves me working alongside developers to help improve the app and solve any problems its users might have. I also handle a lot of customer facing stuff like replying to messages, updating the websites and the marketing and promotion of It’s Appt.

What do you use Len Lothian for?

Well I don’t use Len Lothian like most people do, I use them for office space! We are a digital business and the app has only recently launched so the only thing we really have to store is ourselves! We are based at Len Lothian’s Sighthill office which is really good for meetings because of its motorway links. It was also crucial in the apps development as we needed someplace to work together and working from home just wasn’t an option.

What’s your top tip in Business?

My top tip in business is just to go for it! People spend a lot of time putting off tough decisions but the thing I’ve learned is that most decisions can be changed with minimal cost, especially in the early stages of business. If more people just went out and done it rather than worrying about things, so much more progress would be made!

Stuart Lothian,

It’s Appt