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Blue Triangle (Glasgow) Housing Association

What does your business do?

Blue Triangle (Glasgow) Housing Association is a registered charity, which provides person centred support, and accommodation to people experiencing homelessness. We have over twenty housing support services across nine local authorities. On any given day or night we are supporting over five hundred vulnerable people.

What is a typical working day for you/what does it look like?

As an operational Area Manager my day can vary greatly. A typical day will involve contact with our services, which might be about agreeing a course of action on how to keep a very vulnerable service user safe. Or I could be delivering a presentation to a Local Authority who is interested in buying a service from us. An example of this was on Monday when I was presenting the benefits of our Tenancy Sustainment course (My New Home) to a group of Social Workers.  This course can be designed around the needs of groups who are vulnerable to homelessness such as young people who have been in care or people who have been in prison.

What do you use Len Lothian for?

Sometimes people experiencing homelessness can have episodes in which they are particularly chaotic. This might mean that they move on from our accommodation in an unplanned way, leaving their belongings behind. If we are forced to close their room/flat, then the storage units at Len Lothian allows us an opportunity to hold onto their possessions. Also some individuals whilst in our accommodation save up to purchase bigger items for when they move on, so again we can store these possessions in one of our storage units for them. Finally, as a homeless charity we are sometimes fortunate enough to be given donations from hotels or other organisations. This can be items such as bedding or mattresses. The Len Lothian storage units allow us to hold on to them until we can distribute them across our services.

What’s your top tip in Business?

Evaluating what we do so that we make sure that it works. As a provider of services to the most vulnerable people we are committed to measuring the impact of the work that we do. We do this by asking those who use our services, if we have provided them with what they need, and by asking them what we could do better. We also conduct external evaluations of services so as to independently measure their effectiveness.

Partick McKay,

Area Manager, Blue Triangle (Glasgow) Housing Association