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Glasgow Car Rentals

What does your business do?

We’re a car hire company that provides low cost vehicle rental to people and businesses throughout Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

What is a typical working day for you/what does it look like?

Usually dealing with customer inquiries, setting up bookings and making sure vehicles will be ready to go when a customer arrives.

What do you use Len Lothian for?

At present we use Len Lothian primarily for office space. Most reservations that we take will come through our central office either by phone or internet, despite the fact that the vehicle might be being collected somewhere else like the Airport for example. Using Len provides us with a flexible service that allows us to expand a little during the summer which is our busiest time with many tourists hiring cars.

What’s your top tip in Business?

One of the most important things for us is to take every inquiry at face value. We rent to a lot of customers from many different parts of the world and sometimes language can be a barrier. The key is to be patient and don’t dismiss somebody who doesn’t speak or write the best English as they could end up renting a premium vehicle for an entire month – you just never know.

Michael Millar,

Glasgow Car Rental