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Kerco Health and Hygiene

What does your business do?

Kerco Health and Hygiene is a cleaning and hygiene company based in Glasgow. The cleaning side of the company provides cleaning services for call centres and a range of other business. The hygiene side of the company sells and distributes hand towels, toilet rolls, cleaning chemicals and janitorial supplies to offices and workplaces across Scotland.

What is a typical working day for you/what does it look like?

A typical working day for me starts early. Before 9am I am normally traveling between client sites and talking with our cleaners to make sure everybody is in place. At 9am it’s time to load the vans with our cleaning and hygiene products and begin distributing them to offices and workplaces across Scotland.

What do you use Len Lothian for?

We use Len Lothian for office space and for the storage of our supplies. We’ve been at their Hillington branch for about 3 to 4 years and they are very accommodating to all our office and storage needs. They also accept all our deliveries which means we can be out and about seeing clients rather than waiting for our latest stock delivery.

What’s your top tip in Business?

My top tip in business is to be flexible to meet customer’s needs. Customers want more and more flexibility in the products and services they buy. 20 years ago businesses were happy to buy supplies by the case, but now customers are asking for half a case or only a few units at a time. They are also looking for shorter contract terms and very few want long term contracts, your business must be flexible to meet your customers changing demands or they will go to somebody else who will.

Eugene Donnelly,

Kerco Health and Hygiene