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Select Publishing

What does your business do?

My business is publishing! I publish 2 annual magazines the Nursery Guide Edinburgh and the School Guide Edinburgh. These magazines provide parents with all the information they need to compare fees, facilities, inspectorate grades and achievement results of private daycare nurseries, independent schools and state schools in Edinburgh and the Lothian’s.

What is a typical working day for you/what does it look like?

As a small business I work from home. So my day starts with a run or a dog walk then I normally start work around 10am. Mainly I’m in the office planning articles, posting news on our website, preparing for the next issue or talking to advertisers. Sometimes I’m out and about distributing copies of the guide to the various sales points across Edinburgh.

What do you use Len Lothian for?

Len Lothian is essential for me to store copies of the magazines. As the magazine is an annual publication I get 10,000 copies printed and then they get sold gradually throughout the year. Len Lothian in Granton is perfect from me as it is close to my house so I can just pop in any time to pick up copies for distribution. Len Lothian also takes in my order as the copies arrive from the printers in big pallets so even if I did have room at home to store them I don’t have a driveway big enough for them to be offloading and if they were left in the road it would take me all day to get them shifted into the house! And unlike my garage, using Len Lothian’s warehouse means the magazines won’t warp during storage.

What’s your top tip in Business?

My top tip in business is that if you have a list of things to do – always do the one you don’t want to do first. That way, it’s completed and you don’t keep putting it off or stressing about it throughout the day.

Nikki Millar,

Owner, Select Publishing