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Tartan Army Children’s Charity

What does your business do?

My business is the Tartan Army Children’s Appeal. Founded in 2006, we operate on a 100% voluntary basis and our aim is to help disadvantaged children in Scotland and in the countries that we visit whilst supporting Scotland’s national football team. At home we run a number of programmes such as ‘My First Scotland Match’ which takes disadvantaged children to Hampden from their first experience of watching their national side, many of whom would not have access to this experience. We also organise a Christmas Appeal to bring Christmas to disadvantaged children across Scotland and we fund various local initiatives that help tackle child poverty and neglect in communities across Scotland. On our trips abroad we give grants and other gifts to children’s institutions such as orphanages, hospitals, special needs schools and sometimes individual children according to their needs. In Georgie for instance we donated an incubator which has already saved lives in a premature baby unit.

What is a typical working day for you/what does it look like?

At TACC we don’t really have a ‘normal’ working day. Our Trustees are all 100% voluntary and work in a range of careers including Banking, Education and Nursing, to name a few! This means they have to flexible, fitting their voluntary activities around our home lives and careers. Typical things they could be doing for TACC could range from answering emails and thanking supporters for donations to posting out items we sell on our website to raise funds. Then again we could be organising a donation to a worthy cause in a country that Scotland will be playing in a qualifying match which could involve everything from liaising with the local British Embassy to ensuring we have a piper for a party!

What do you use Len Lothian for?

Len Lothian gives us access to a flexible storage solution that fits with the non-traditional working patterns we have to maintain as a voluntary organisation. We use them to store equipment, stocks and materials in a central location that allows flexible access to our authorised signatories as and when we need to. Their facilities offer great security and rather than relying on space in volunteers’ garages and sheds, we can store item in a safe and secure environment.

What’s your top tip in Business?

My top tip in business is that no matter how big or small you are it is vital to acknowledge the value that you hold in the people who support you. TACC appreciated every donation, big or small. As in life you get out what you put in, sometimes a small sacrifice can lead to long term benefits. TACC always strives to make sure that we go beyond the expectations people have of us as a ‘small’ charity. We have always tried to think big and work to the highest standard, something that has served us well.

Derek Shearer,

Administrator and Founder