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Storage Tips

Clear Out and Clean Up!

Want to increase the value to your property? The first thing people typically do when preparing their home for viewings is to have a good clear out.

Do You Follow The 6 Month Rule?

It’s a fantastic principle to follow, albeit a hard one, but it can help you free up space and it can also apply to items you have around the house.

Do You Sell Online?

At Len Lothian we offer a range of services to help online retailers deliver a great service while keeping costs low.

How Many Times Do People Move Home?

People move home for many reasons, they might need more space for an expanding family, they might need to downsize or they might need to be closer to work.

Make Space For People Not Paper!

If you don’t keep adequate records you may have to pay penalties. This is why we provide storage options for all of your filing and important documents.

Student Storage

Many students choose to rent space with Len Lothian and a lot of room mates like to club together to share a locker and share the cost.

The Reality Gap – How Small Is Yours?

The Reality Gap in the housing market is basically the gap in price between your house’s asking price and the price you actually sell at.

The Len for the job

Len Lothian is now Len’s Self Storage. We always felt that Len Lothian was a bit too formal, especially as Len is one of the friendliest and most helpful guys in the business.