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Utilise your Spare Room

You’ve been there for them right from the beginning. From first tear to first love, you’ve supported your little one until suddenly, they aren’t so little anymore. Maybe they’ve applied for University, new job or are simply ready to move out of the family home and go their own way.

Changing Rooms: DIY Storage

It happens to everyone. You’re sitting in front of the television after another hard working day and suddenly the thought strikes you: You’re fed up with the same old surroundings, the same old fixtures, same old coat of paint on the walls. Just like that, you know you’re ready to transform your home. It’s make-over time!

Living the Country Life

Picture this: Waking up to the sun shining through large bay windows, long hot summers and crisp winter mornings. Friendly locals, fresh produce and being in touch with nature: The country life.

Taking the Leap: Moving in Together

Whether it’s happened organically: an overnight bag here, a few toiletries there, or you’ve spent months of rigorous planning and searching for the perfect property there is no doubt that cohabiting with a significant other is a big step!

A Place in the Sun

Doesn’t it sound blissful? Waving goodbye to winter weather, the shorter days, longer nights? Swapping your hat and scarf for sun lotion and a beach towel? More and more Britons each year are opting to fly south for the winter and purchase a new nest abroad…

Gap Year Graduates

You did it! You’ve graduated with a fantastic degree. All of those late night library sessions and coffee binge breakfasts have finally paid off.