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Packing Tips

Len has a variety of boxes for different jobs:

Len’s Small Box – ideal for packing heavier items such as books making lifting the box easier!

Len’s Medium Box – ideal for packing crockery, glasses, kitchen items and ornaments.

Len’s Large Box – ideal for packing bedding, cushions, clothes, toys and your lighter items

Always ensure that boxes are not too heavy to lift!

Packing Individual Items

Glasses and crockery are most safe packed in an upright position, well wrapped.

Always put plenty of scrunched up paper in the bottom of the box, between layers and on top to provide ample cushioning.

Mark boxes with contents and where they are from. That way they can go straight to where you want them when you get them back from store.

Big Len’s tips: 

Pack your kettle, mugs & tea last!