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Beginning a New Chapter

Starting a new job is an exciting affair. You’ve already made it through the hard parts; CV writing, the first interview, the second…. And finally you got the job! New people, new boss, new office, fresh start! Now is the time to make a good first impression on your future colleagues. But overcoming the stomach butterflies, the sweaty palms and still being able to look in control and remain calm can be a feat in itself!

And you still can’t find that new shirt you bought specially for this day! Stressing over this moment is common and with so much going on in your head no wonder it is stressful but there are things you can make it easier on yourself.

One of the things you can do is to sit down and organise your time and environment efficiently. Doing this can help you avoid becoming too stressed[1] and feeling overwhelmed just as you need to feel in control!

But we all know this can be tiring even though it needs to be done! So why not use this new job as the perfect excuse to get your home (and everything else!) in order; set up an office space, label your box files, bring in a new, fresh, comfy chair and get a good filing cabinet!  Plus remember to look for that shirt!

But organization is not just about bringing in the new, but about removing the old. Start by clearing out the clutter, removing any old, tired furniture and sort through the mountain high piles of old uni notes.

Decide what you can part with and what you can’t. Still finding there is lots lying around the house? Instead of trying to get rid of more and stressing over what you want to keep but don’t have space for, here, are Len’s Self Storage, we can help! With flexible contracts at a great price we can store your valuables for as long as you need us (or until you know what to do with the mountain of notes!). Our sites are monitored via CCTV 24 hours a day so you can be sure your things are safe with us. One less thing to lose sleep over!

To book a storage unit with us or to find out more about how we can accommodate your needs, click here, drop by or give us a call at any one of our convenient locations in Edinburgh or Glasgow on 0131 516 7752/ 0141 530 3570


[1] http://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/tips-for-everyday-living/stress-a-guide-to-managing-it/dealing-with-pressure/#time