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A Customer Guide to Digital Archiving

The story of the Len's

What is Archive Management?

Archive Management at Len’s Self-Storage is a simple and efficient way to digitally manage your files directly from your own desk. We have a web based server that allows you to organise your file storage in a variety of different ways.

Documenting and archiving can be an especially large and time consuming task. With our web portal you’ll be able to securely log in and out at your leisure, so you can build your records in the time it suits you and build up the archive boxes content.

Ran out of room in your box? No problem. Create a new one on the system and resume as normal. It couldn’t be easier.

Once you have finished your archive and would like to clear your feet or your paper work, Len’s Self-Storage will come and collect your items. Simply request a collection and we’ll strive to be there in no time at all.
Need items returned to you? Log on and select which items you need. Len’s Self-Storage also keeps a record of all file movement, so whether you’ve had it returned or sent it in for storage, you’ll always know where your important documents are.

The benefits of personally archiving:

If you choose to personally archive your files directly from your desk, you are able to directly monitor all of your records and information. Organisation could not be easier with our easy to use system so you can accurately add, cut and rename your records. All records are stored directly on our server.

Personally archiving your records further cuts down your business expenses, rather than outsourcing an outside company so you can spend your hard earned cash on growing your business.

If you are choosing to Warehouse items with Len’s Self-Storage and are taking advantage of our Warehouse Management Systems, you can easily manage your stock, invoices and important documents together in order to keep your business working at full optimisation.

If you would like to know more about Digital Archiving and any of our Warehouse services, we warmly invite you to discuss your needs with a member of our team. They are always happy to help.

Happy archiving!