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The story of the Len's

You’ve been there for them right from the beginning.

From first tear to first love. You’ve supported your little one until suddenly, they aren’t so little anymore. Maybe they’ve applied for University, a new job or are simply ready to move out of the family home.

They’ve taken everything they think they’ll need, (plus a few extras from you – where is that toaster?) but you’ve been left with their childhood toys, photographs and, of course, their old bedroom. You want to keep the memories, but you also want to embrace the empty nest and follow your own passions. Their empty room could be home to anything – an office, gym, sewing room, the possibilities are endless. While you would like to keep sentimental items, there is no doubt that they’re taking up valuable space in your home.

Self-Storage is the perfect solution for keeping sentimental reminders in your possession while embarking on change and new opportunities. We have up to 50 different sizes of storage space available, so you can find the most efficient storage solutions for your belongings. Your treasured memories are safe with our flexible insurance options alongside our sophisticated alarm systems and 24/hr CCTV security. When you’re planning what to do with your new space, you can be sure that your items are in good hands.

Are you unsure as to how much space you would actually need? At Len’s Self Storage you can also use our Storage Calculator Tool to estimate your storage needs so you will never be under prepared.

Now all that remains is what will you do with your new found space? Here are some popular spare room transformation ideas:

• Fitness buff? Create your own personal Gym
• Creative crafts. Your spare room could be home to your special projects.
• Your very own bar!
• Cinema room. Make every night a trip to the Cinema.
• Private Library
• Office space – finally write that novel you’ve been dreaming of, or begin an all new business.

We bet you can think of more!

Our team have years of experience in transporting goods. If you think you’ll struggle to reach us, we can come to you! Just ask a member of our team for our uplift service.
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