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Exam Storage

The story of the Len's

Students, did you know that the world thinks you have it easy? Most people think being a student means eating beans on toast, sleeping in until 12, all night partying, last minute studying and the best discounts on all of the biggest high street stores. And maybe that’s true! But at Len’s Self Storage we know that being a student has plenty of stresses and anxieties, like exams!

The summer exam diet is on its way and students across Glasgow and Edinburgh can be seen flocking to their libraries for rigorous study sessions. Whether you thrive on last minute cramming, or have planned your time table months in advance, we know that studying can be stressful for even the most well prepared student!

Out of sight, out of mind:

You start the day with good intentions. You wake up early, have a good breakfast, get all of your study materials out and ready on your desk and suddenly… it catches your eye: Your games console. ‘Just 10 minutes’ you think to yourself, ‘Just to relax before the hard work really begins.’ But, before you know it, you’ve lost two hours of your time and you have to re arrange your entire study schedule!

Procrastination is a huge part of studying. There are always 101 better things to do rather than study! If you find yourself gaming instead of reading, why not eliminate temptation altogether? Of course, you can always put your console in another room, loft or even give it to one of your friends to look after – but more often than not, the urge to procrastinate is just too much!

Why not try self-storage instead? You will have your own key and personal padlock so that only you can access your items by coming into our facilities directly. There’s no need to worry about friends not looking after your items properly, and we have fully flexible contracts and plenty of student offers! You can store any electronics with us for as little as £1.00 – £1.72 per day in one of our lockers. Our facilities in Glasgow and Edinburgh are 100% safe and secure!

The post-exam clear out:

Time to celebrate, you beat the procrastination monster, studied hard and your exams are over. So what are all those textbooks and secondary sources doing there? When prepping for exams, you can often find that afterwards you have little space for next years’ course materials, and university bookshops are unwilling to buy book their books until next semester. Your texts don’t need to gather dust over summer, utilise our self-storage solutions! Whether you need to store course books or even furniture in between leases, if you have plans to sell over the summer but have no room to, self-storage is the wallet friendly solution!

If you would like to discuss any of our facilities, including our personal storage and van and driver services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! Happy studying and good luck!