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Flying the Nest

The day has finally come. The last child has finally flown the nest and it’s time to make your home yours again.

Now that room you’ve been eyeing up as a walk-in wardrobe can become a reality!

However, as more and more children are leaving their parents’ home later in life, the more time there is for the little things here and there to accumulate; the collection of comics under the bed, the dog-eared textbooks behind the sofa, that old 90’s beanbag, heaps and heaps of clothing.… and you’re still tripping over those boots on the stairs!

Yet you just can’t bring yourself to throw any of it away. All the precious memories tied to those things from the very first dresser you bought them right down to the dirty socks left on the floor. That, and the last time you tried to have a clear out of their things it ended in tears and stress. Something you don’t need!

What if you could quickly and easily avoid all that stress and still have your walk-in –wardrobe? At Len’s Self Storage we offer a convenient way to store all those items you (or they) just can’t part with or simply don’t need at this time. We can even keep all those old comics nice and dry! And with 24 hour CCTV surveillance you can rest assured that those precious memories are secure.

Whether the items you have are big or small, we have a safe and clean place for everything with convenient locations in Glasgow and Edinburgh so you are never far from your things if they are needed. We can even collect your items with our uplift service at a time that suits you.

For more information of how we can meet your specific storage requirements give us call today in either Edinburgh or Glasgow on 0131 516 7752/ 0141 530 3570 or contact us through our website.