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Happily ever organised!

Getting married is a special and memorable event in the life of any couple. But regardless of whether you spend two weeks or two years planning it, the big day comes flying in and before you know it you are someone’s wife (or husband!). One day to promise the commitment of a lifetime! And even after the flurry of the big day, if you are lucky, you still have that long awaited honeymoon to rest, relax and recover from pre-wedding stress. Jetting off into the sun for a few days seems like the perfect end to the perfect celebration!

However when you return refreshed and relaxed, there will still be things to sort out. Especially after organizing and co-ordinating an event in the manner even the best general would be proud of! You may find you have a lot of extra clutter around your house that slipped under your radar during the preparations for the wedding. Whether it’s the RSVP card pile beside the bed, the extra bags of sweets for the favours (though these may not last too long!) or the 3 or 4 new toasters you now have, things have been accumulating over time and quickly consuming your home!

So why not start those first few tentative steps into marriage in a clutter free house! Make way for a new (and exciting!) chapter in your life. But at Len’s Self Storage, we know how important your big day (and all those memories that come with it) was to you and we know that after such a special day you may not want to throw out those 100 extra personalised napkins just yet or the numerous cards from family and friends on the fireplace. Instead let us take care of those precious memories for you with our safe and secure storage options until you have decided what to do with them. We offer flexible contracts allowing you to decide how long you need us for and at an affordable price too!

To book a storage unit or to find out more about how we can accommodate your needs give us a call at either of our Edinburgh or Glasgow facilities on 0131 516 7752/ 0141 530 3570. Alternatively get in touch via our website.