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Len’s Storage Guide

The story of the Len's

Home, personal and business storage can seem overly complicated when you have so much that needs organising. Even if you choose to move some of your items into storage, it can be a struggle trying to optimise your space. This is where Len’s Self-Storage steps in…

Here at Len’s Self-Storage we have put together a few handy hints and tips to help you keep your space clear and clutter free:

• Save your drawer space: small jewellery box containers make perfect drawer dividers for little objects such as pens, pencils, jewellery, make up or any loose items you find rattling around in your drawers.

• Sink dwellers: Do you have a bag full of plastic bags that are taking up valuable space under your sink or in your cupboard? An old tissue box can replace the ‘bag within a bag’ method. Simply roll a bag out whenever you need it. A great space saver!

• Feeling crafty? If you fancy yourself a bit of an artist or have creative kids, dish racks are the surprising solution to loose craft items. Keep your sketch pads, colouring books and paper in the plate prongs and crayons, pens, paintbrushes, pencils in a handy utensils caddy.

• Need to keep your desk organised? Small jam jars or spice pots can keep post-it-notes, paper clips, safety pins, stamps, any small bits and pieces under control. This means you have more desk space to work rather than moving things around constantly.

• Wire wranglers: Do you spend a large portion of your day trying to figure out which charger belongs where, or what cable belongs to which device? Organise your wires with coloured Velcro strips. You’ll be able to remember where your important cables are and save time from De-tangling them!

Are there larger items in your home or office that are taking up vital living space? At Len’s Self –Storage, we can offer up to four weeks FREE if you book your storage in advance, with unlimited access to your possessions 7 days a week with our extensive opening hours.

Super storage can be yours!