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I’d love you more if you moved that out of the house.

Whatever hobbies you love in life, luckily we have a place you can keep everything safe, secure and out of the way of your better half. Because let’s face it, we all have hobbies, collections and quirks that – love us as they might – our partners can’t stand. To help keep your relationship blissful, we’ve got some lovely deals on self-storage units. So you can clear out annoying clutter in time for Valentine’s Day.

To celebrate the month of romance, we’ve put together an honest list of the top six common hobbies and collections that can quite quickly spiral to put a strain on even the happiest of partnerships.

1. Cycling stuff.

Is your husband guilty of dressing head to toe in so much Lycra he looks like a Tour de France wannabe? You’re not alone. In fact, MAMILs – Middle aged Men in Lycra – are a regular sight on Scotland’s roads. And while it’s a perfectly healthy passion, there comes a point when seeing a bicycle in your hallway, or fixing a tyre puncture in the kitchen sink, that you have to think – can you get all this bike stuff out of our house. We hear you. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like renting your other half a storage unit to get their cycling gear out of your road.

2. Short-lived gym bunnies.

Sure, they might have had the best intentions. But now, January is firmly behind us and the spare room is packed with unused gym balls, treadmills, exercise bikes, you name it. In reality, your other half’s rowing machine is causing nothing but marital rows – as it’s in your way gathering dust. Why not exercise your right in the relationship to ask the makeshift gym to be relocated to a local storage unit at an unbelievably good price? They can always dust it off at a later date. Or sell it and use the money to buy you something nice.

3. How many shoes can one person own?

A question as old as marriage itself. The wardrobe door is buckling. It’s one handbag away from falling apart – just like your sanity. The final straw was when you tripped over a pair of Jimmy Choos on the way to the loo in the night – the heel nearly piercing your foot in the process. But don’t despair. Because Len’s Self Storage units make lovely wardrobes. And, with top security features, they’re made for keeping those special, much loved designer items safe.

4. Fishing.

It started with one cheap fishing rod. A day out with your father in law at some canal. He didn’t even want to go. And yet, within just 18 months, he’s gone from small fry to owning everything from waders, to ten different reels. The moment you realised this fishing thing had gone from hobby to obsession was when you opened a box in the fridge to discover, to your horror, a tub of maggots. It’s got to stop. For love to flourish in your house, we suggest the angler takes a fishing trip to a local storage unit where it can all – flies and all – be housed appropriately. Maybe then, he’ll fall hook, line and sinker for you all over again. D’awww.

5. Smelly stuff.

Scented candles. Bath bombs. It’s gone too far. The mixture of so many scents in the air is enough to set off a bad case of sinusitis. So strong is the mixed smell of something resembling lavender mixed with cookie dough, that you can barely stay awake at night. It’s completely reasonable to approach your partner and voice your concerns that

their addiction to aromatherapy is having a negative effect on your relationship. Meet them in the middle by storing some of their scented collection in a Len’s locker. Ready to retrieve when supplies run low, keeping a sensible one-cupboard’s-worth of products at home.

6. Box of old cables.

Nearly every relationship has a hoarder. The person who, love them as you might, hangs on to a ridiculous box of rubbish you don’t need. Why can’t they just let it go? “You never know when you might need them!” they reply, with a know-it-all tone that grates on your nerves. It’s everything from a power supply for a pager, to a fax machine connector and a Betamax video recorder. Which you never even owned. Is that a… mini disk player? But will the love of your life part with it – as if. It’s time to stick this outdated tangle of techy tat somewhere the sun don’t shine – a Len’s Storage Unit, that is. Easy now.

With this unlovable stuff out of the house, romance can reign once more. It’s one less thing to bicker about this Valentine’s Day, that’s for sure. Why don’t you make room for love in your home by hiring a Len’s Storage unit this February?  D’awwww. Len’s gone all romantic on us. Check out this month’s lovely storage offers here.