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Packing: Top Tips

The story of the Len's

Packing to move home? Sometimes it can seem like you just have so much…stuff! How many times have you uttered the sentence, ‘I’m only one person, how can I have so many things?’

Packing can be overwhelming and often times you won’t really know where to start. Here at Len’s Self-Storage we have 50 years of experience in moving homes and self-storage so want to share some of our top tips with you!

You don’t need to leave packing to the night before you move. In fact, there’s one important step before packing even begins: The Clear Out.

Go through your possessions, what you will definitely need, (Cutlery, furniture, white goods), and what can possibly get sold or given to charity, (old books, clothes, CD’s and DVD’s, furniture you no longer need) This is a vital step to complete before packing really begins. The faster you minimise space in your home, the easier packing will be. Trust us!

Sensible packing means beginning early. You don’t know what problems you may encounter before a move, and you can find yourself being bogged down with changing address and spending more time on the phone than packing. Make sure you know if certain items need to be dismantled or if you will require help to move things.

More top tips:

• Remember that you will need different sized boxes for different items. Here at Len’s we have small, medium and large boxes as well as eco-friendly packaging that are perfect for moving home.

• Never fill up large boxes all the way. Why? They will be too heavy to move. Make sure that you can physically lift the boxes you are packing; otherwise you could cause yourself injury.

• Group your items together: Keep your living room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen items as separate as possible to make unpacking easier. Also, keep any hazardous products such as cleaning products away from boxes that may contain clothes or sensitive items.

• Think ahead: You’re unlikely to unpack everything in your first night, so make an ‘essential box’ filled with things you might need quick access to.

• When loading up: Have items that are the least important loaded up first. This means that you can unpack in priority!

• Keep all of your important documents together. Birth certificates, passports, driving licenses are all notorious for going walk about’s when you’re moving home. Make sure they’re in a safe place all together.

Are you moving home soon and would like to discuss your requirements further? Contact Len’s Self-Storage today!