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Len's Space

Len’s Space at Silverburn

Our Len’s space 100sq ft. showcase competition has received a fantastic response with lots of amazing entries competing for a place to display their talents for Silverburn shoppers.

This exciting event will be held on Saturday the 11th of June at Silverburn Shopping Centre with the fun starting from 10am. This is not an event to be missed with an eclectic variety of performances throughout the day including an opera singer and break-dancing! There will also be a magician showcasing his best tricks and a comedian who’ll have you in stitches. Can’t stay for the performances? Take some me-time and stop off to get a makeover from our talented makeup artist Victoria. To top it all off we’ll have games and a photo-booth. With something for everyone you don’t want to miss out on this fantastic day of family fun!

These acts know the value of having 100sq ft. at their disposal. At Len’s Self Storage we offer flexible, easy access storage facilities at four locations so you can effortlessly store your belongings. Be it a cosy home for your motorbike or barbeque for the winter or secure storage for valuable instruments with access for any last minute gigs – we’ve got you covered! Storage can be a big problem for modern households like that old trampoline rusting in the garden or the withering garden furniture that needs a good lick of paint. Speaking of paint, how much decorating paraphernalia do you have hanging around at home, all too expensive to part with? Whether you’re rotating stock or storing seasonal items a secure and dry 100sq ft. could really come in handy, and keeping things safe and out of the way gives you more space to embrace your talents!

The task given to the performers was to make the most out of 100sq ft. of space to help showcase their expertise in the best and most creative way they can. People’s creative and economical use of space is well known and it’s the same at Len’s Self Storage. Silverburn Shopping Centre receives thousands visitors at the weekend so this is a peak time to display talent, and who knows who might be there on the day! Len’s is happy to be supporting community groups with this project. The £100 prize money will help the winning dance group to buy safety equipment to keep the youngsters safe while exercising.

The stage will open at 10am and close at 6pm – ‘Be there or be 100ft sq.!’