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Lent’s Self Storage

It’s that time of year when many of us choose to give things up for 40 days and 40 nights. Might not sound a lot, but it’s actually a pretty big challenge. So enjoy those chocolate pancakes while you can!

To celebrate the start of Lent, we’ve put together a countdown of popular things to store away in the run up to Easter – including some traditional classics, as well as some altogether more 2019 options too. It’s a great way to ditch habits you think might be having a negative effect on your life. And it goes without saying, that whatever you choose to give up, Len’s have got some fantastic deals on self-storage this spring. You could even choose to keep items well away from temptation, safely locked away under 24-hour CCTV in a secure Len’s Storage unit.

6. Chocciewoccies

Let’s kick things off with a classic luxury to give up this Lent – chocolate. Such is the traditional popularity to abstain from all things cocoa, it spawned the sinfully delicious Millennium box office hit ‘Chocolat’. It tells the story of a young mother opening a chocolaterie during Lent, to the outrage of a quintessential French village. If truffles, seashells, and cheeky liqueurs prove too tempting for you to give up this Lent, why not store your sealed chocolate boxes away at Len’s Self Storage?

5. Social Media

Sick to your back teeth of seeing people sharing hotdog legs selfies from golden beaches? Had enough of feeling the need to document mundane details for the world? We hear you. No wonder so many people are now choosing to give social media a break for Lent. There’s increasing evidence that taking a short break can even do wonders for your self-esteem. But what if you really struggle to break the habit? Well, you could take the extreme measure of putting your smartphone in storage for the month. You could even dust off a Nokia 3310 for 40 days. Watch you don’t get addicted to Snake, mind.

4. Drink

Is your kitchen beginning to resemble a wine cellar combined with a gin distillery and microbrewery on the side? It’s easily done. But with the latest guidelines suggesting we should be consuming no more than 14 units a week (spread across 3 days), what better time to try and go alcohol-free? Move over Dry January, this is the original time of year to abstain from alcohol. The downside is that as the sun starts shining in spring, it’s even more tempting to crack open a bottle of prosecco or chilled cider. Perhaps storing away the bottles of your home bar isn’t a bad shout if you want to get through Lent without the temptation of the tipple.

3. Cakes

Victoria sponge. Lemon drizzle. Carrot cake. Whatever your sweet-tooth craving, why not give up those sugary calories for Lent. It’s no bad thing for our health to take a bit of a break from the sweet stuff. And it saves money too. The best part is, you can bake up an extra amazing cake to celebrate Easter – after 40 days of no cake, it’ll taste extra incredible. To help keep your cake cravings under control, why not put your mixing bowls, wooden spoons and kitchen scales into self-storage? No more baking this Lent!

2. Fizzy juice

It’s only too easy to crack open a can of fizzy juice for a quick sugar fix. But it’s not exactly great for your gnashers. Whether it’s a can of Scotland’s other national drink, or even a more hipstery ginger beer that you’re tempted by day to day, at least they’re easy to transport in bottles and cans to a secure storage locker. Get that fizzy juice out of your house. Because frankly, your garage just isn’t far enough to keep you safe from craving that can of bad stuff.

1. Hoarding

Spring is finally in the air. And that means one thing – it’s time to declutter! There’s no better time to get your life in order. So why not give up hoarding this Lent, by getting rid of clutter you don’t need? But before you all-out Marie Kondo your home, how about running a trial of what items you can live without this Lent. Put things you think might not be sparking joy in life into a storage unit. Whether it’s old books, DVDs, ornaments, dusty bread makers and so on. Then at the end of Lent, you’ll know what can be donated to charity for someone else to love, and what items you actually did miss having in your life.

We’ll admit, locking away your Lent give-up items in self-storage might be a little overkill on its own. But in reality, if you’re already looking to declutter this spring, it’s the perfect opportunity to add any of the above temptations into a secure self-storage unit. Especially with unmissable spring deals – check out the offers here.