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The story of the Len's

Whether you work in an office or from home, it can be hard to keep paperwork under control. At Len Lothian we understand the importance of keeping your records in order and in particular the legal requirements set by HMRC which states that you must keep all the records and documents you need to complete a tax return by law. If you don’t have adequate records or if you don’t keep them for long enough, you may have to pay penalties and this is why we provide flexible storage options for all of your filing and important documents.

Options start with archiving your office files in one of our secure storage rooms, lockers or containers or archiving your business documents in one of our warehouses located in Edinburgh or Glasgow. Either way this instantly frees up a little more office space.

With paper, boxes and filing cabinets taking up so much space, this can create unnecessary stress and make your environment less productive. The amount of paperwork and files that you have to keep a hold of can be overwhelming and this is where we come in. By providing the secure units and freeing up space it allows you to put it to better use. You could always add in an extra desk for another colleague or just give you that bit more room to work in.

It pays to start as you mean to go on, there is nothing more frustrating than when you don’t have enough space to move your mouse or even push your chair out. It can turn into a bit of a tedious obstacle course and can be quite hard to concentrate on the task in hand when it’s a task in itself trying to work. As the saying goes “clear desk = clear mind.”

By having a tidy desk and storing this stuff away it creates a cleaner, safer and more hygienic working space. If your desk is piled high with papers a cleaner is more than likely not to touch it, meaning that your desk stays cluttered, dusty and dirty. But with all of your excess paper stored in our secure filing units it means that your desk is clear and is able to be cleaned more often. An empty desk and work space is easier to clean and organise than a desk piled high with papers that are not needed.

You will generally pay a premium for office space but you won’t with Len Lothian storage options. We provide the facilities to cater for all of your business filing needs at the most competitive rates, contact us or arrange a call back today.