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How Many Times Do People Move Home?

The story of the Len's

On average, how many times do you think people move home over their lifetime?

It’s a difficult question to answer and there will definitely be variations across countries and cultures, but first let’s think about how many times you have moved home and go from there.

First of all, when living with your parents, did you move home with them? Did you move home when you went to study at University or College? Did you study abroad? Have you rented any flats or houses? What about the first house you bought? Where do you live now?

People move home for many reasons, they might need more space for an expanding family, they might have too much space and need to downsize, they might need to be closer to work or they might want to move abroad. This can all add up to quite a big number potentially, which is strange because moving home is supposed to be one of the most stressful events, but it doesn’t have to be.

A report published by Bosch, looked at around 2000 UK home owners and found that on average people within the UK move home 8 times in their lifetime. Interestingly, each move is around 32 miles apart, however most people return ‘home’ as people’s eventual house is on average only 63 miles from their birthplace, with only 20% or 1 in 5 living 200 miles from their first home. Would you agree with that?

How many times have you moved home so far?

Are you planning on moving home again? If you are then we can help! Lots of people think that we only specialise in storage but we also offer a complete removal service as the two services go together. We have information available and have produced checklists to help you prepare for your move, together with our own fully trained and insured removal team available to help you on moving day.

If you are aren’t ready to move again just yet but want to free up some existing space in your home, you may want to consider a self storage facility. We have a range of affordable storage options in Glasgow and Edinburgh that will allow you store your valued belongings, securely whilst you make more of the existing space.

If you like more information about our storage options or removals service contact us on 0333 355 7534.