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‘Moving Checklist’ – Don’t Move Home Without It!

The story of the Len's

It’s the day of the move, supposedly one of the most stressful life events ever, tensions can run high and there’s so much to do in so little time. Hopefully you’ve already done some preparation in the weeks and possibly months leading up to ‘moving day’ but there’s often one thing that leaves you rushing around and stressing!

Our removals team at Len Lothian have helped out on a number of ‘moving days’ and we’ve experienced first-hand the things that can go wrong and be forgotten. That’s why we’ve set out to create this ‘Moving Checklist’ so that you can prepare as best possible and check off all the things that should be done prior to your move, making moving day more of a stress free and happy day – you are moving into a fantastic new home after all!

Our top tip would be to go over this checklist a few times so that you are sure everything that needs done, has been done!

In the run up to the move you want to:

1. Notify relevant companies/people – employers, schools, insurance companies, doctors, the DVLA, friends, relatives and many more people/companies need to be given notice that you are moving home. Make a list of all the people you need to notify, if you think you’ve forgotten something, check to see who sends you mail.

2. Cancel/redirect utilities – water, electricity, gas, phone line, cable and internet providers will all need to told when you are moving home so that they can cancel their current service and start providing it at your new address.

3. Arrange for some help on the day – we all need help on moving day so be sure to arrange for it. At Len Lothian we offer a full removals service or if you’re only in need of a van, we offer discounted van hire. Also be sure to ask friends and family for help.

4. De-clutter your house – over the years you’ve probably built up a nice collection of furniture, family heirlooms and useless bits and pieces that are just taking up space. Most of it can be sold on Ebay or at a car boot, some of it can just be thrown out or recycled and the more important items can be kept or placed in Len Lothian self-storage locker.

5. Collect boxes and packing materials – safely packing and transporting your items is important if you don’t want things to get broken.

6. Redirect mail – contact the post office and let them know your changing address, this allows you set up a mail redirect to be sure you don’t miss any mail.

7. Cancel local services – the milkman, paper boy/girl, window cleaner etc need to know your moving away.

In the week/day off the move you want to:
8. Begin packing – start packing away your non essentials, be sure to label all boxes so you know what room to put them in during the move.

9. Collect Keys – arrange for the pickup of your new keys and the drop off of your old ones.

10. Defrost your fridge/freezer – be sure to use up all the food.

11. Turn everything off, lock all windows and doors – say goodbye to your old house.