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Moving Home Tips

Consider what you are taking with you and what will need to be packed. Remember to give yourself plenty of time.

Make a checklist, Here’s the checklist you can’t move without!

Take the opportunity to sift through belongings for a clear out. Charities will take goods no longer required. You benefit through reduced removal and if required storage costs.

Calculate boxes and sizes required along with tape, bubble wrap and any other packing materials. There are boxes for clothing, linen, glass, crockery, books and all your household items, these along with all your packing needs can be supplied by Len Lothian.

Check you have adequate insurance that will cover any damages or breakages whilst moving.

Ensure all personal items including jewellery, passports, driving licences and personal or sensitive material is packed separately and stays with you during the removal.

Arrange contact with banks, dentists, doctors, schools and councils to notify of changes to addresses.

Prepare an overnight bag and pack an essentials box for items you need on arrival at your new home. Coffee, tea, snacks, cups and kettle and any other items you believe you need including toys to keep your children entertained.

When possible attempt to make arrangements for children to stay with relatives and pets to be housed whilst the move takes place.

Arrange your removal in advance take care to arrange any parking permits if required. If storage is required as a result of a delay in getting into the new property, or you have goods you wish to store for short or longer periods for other reasons Len Lothian have lockers or units of all sizes to meet your needs, as well as a van and driver service to assist you in getting your goods to store. Please feel free to visit one of our sites and look at our facilities we would be pleased to see you.

Remember with Len Lothian you only pay for the days you store.

You are the only one with access to your goods.

We provide alarmed and CCTV covered facilities. They are well lit, clean and dry.

You have access to your goods throughout our opening times.

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Sat – 8am to 5pm

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