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Taking the Leap: Moving in Together

The story of the Len's

Whether it’s happened organically: an overnight bag here, a few toiletries there, or you’ve spent months of rigorous planning and searching for the perfect property, there is no doubt that cohabiting with a significant other is a big step!

What is the key to a successful moving period? Coordination and communication. Do they fancy themselves as a bit of a master chef, while you could burn cereal? Coordinating together makes the blending of both of your lives that little bit easier during moving.

Of course, before you move in together compromise is necessary, especially when it comes to both of your possessions. Realistically you probably won’t need 2 Televisions, 2 sets of cutlery, kettles, toasters and irons. In fact, you may find that you’ve accumulated a lot of items that you don’t necessarily need anymore but may not want to part with. Maybe you would prefer to sell any surplus electrical goods, but are simply not finding the time to set up listings or advertise?

Whilst you want to create a home with both of your individual styles and tastes, there may be things that you’re unable to take with you.

If you or your partner have some eclectic items that you do not want to part with, ‘The Who Gets to Keep What’ argument can be completely avoided with personal storage. Whether for long or short term, here at Len’s Self-Storage we have a variety of storage options with flexible access and 24 hour security.

Planning a move can be stressful at the best of times, but planning a move with your partner can be extra worrisome! We aim to minimize moving stress as much as possible with our very own uplift and removals service. This includes checklists and helpful suggestions so that you know you have everything covered,before your embark on your new property.

With locations throughout Glasgow and Edinburgh we’re easily accessible throughout Scotland.

Why not call us today and discuss your storage and uplift requirements with a member of our dedicated team? We’re happy to help!