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Storage Tips

Christmas Jumper Day 2016

Businesses up and down Scotland will be looking their best in baubles this Friday, and Len’s Self Storage is no different. Across our four locations in Glasgow and Edinburgh, we’ll be wearing our woollies and donating! And we can’t wait to see each branch undergo a festive transformation!

Len’s Space at Silverburn

Len's Space

This exciting event will be held on Saturday the 11th of June at Silverburn Shopping Centre with the fun starting from 10am. This is not an event to be missed with an eclectic variety of performances throughout the day including an opera singer and break-dancing!

Len’s Easter Cardboard Box Challenge

The Easter holidays are a lot of fun! However, keeping the kids amused can be a challenge, especially if the weather is poor! So why not take the opportunity to be inventive and get those creative juices going. Turn off the TV, push back the sofa and be prepared for a day of crafting fun!

Top 10 tips for surviving uni

Getting to grips with being a student does not mean you need to completely re-work your life however, organising your time and your space (no matter how big or how small), can improve not only your concentration but your confidence, your health and reduce your stress levels[1]- what’s not to like!

Top 7 Tips for minimising the baby clutter!

Did you know that worldwide ~4 babies are born every second; that’s a lot of babies! (and even more stuff that comes with them!). On average, new parents spend close to £1000 on ‘baby essentials’ for their little one, and who can blame them wanting the best for their little bundle of joy! But looks can be deceptive.

Moving home? Here’s the checklist you can’t move without!

A lot happens when you move home and it can feel a little overwhelming – especially if you are downsizing, moving far from when you currently stay or just have a lot of things! So where do you start and what do you tackle first? It’s easy to lose focus in the hustle and bustle of moving!

Top 10 5minute de-clutter hacks everyone needs to know about!

De-cluttering your home is a big undertaking but keeping it that way can be an everyday battle against the clutter! So here are a few tips to make your fight against the mess a little easier (and less terrifying!). Take 5 minutes each day and tackle something [1]– the key to winning the larger battle is tackling the small ones first!

Happily ever organised!

Getting married is a special and memorable event in the life of any couple. But regardless of whether you spend two weeks or two years planning it, the big day comes flying in and before you know it you are someone’s wife (or husband!). One day to promise the commitment of a lifetime! And even after the flurry of the big day, if you are lucky, you still have that long awaited honeymoon to rest, relax and recover from pre-wedding stress. Jetting off into the sun for a few days seems like the perfect end to the perfect celebration!

Do two beds look odd in here?

Renting a flat, whether it’s your first or tenth, takes time and planning! And nowadays, with more and more jobs requiring location flexibility, renting can become a big part of your adult life (and you’re not alone, ~40% of households rent[1]), that or maybe buying a property is too much of a commitment at the moment.

Beginning a New Chapter

Starting a new job is an exciting affair. You’ve already made it through the hard parts; CV writing, the first interview, the second…. And finally you got the job! New people, new boss, new office, fresh start! Now is the time to make a good first impression on your future colleagues.