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A Place in the Sun

The story of the Len's

Doesn’t it sound blissful? Waving goodbye to winter weather, the shorter days, longer nights? Swapping your hat and scarf for sun lotion and a beach towel? More and more Britons each year are opting to fly south for the winter and purchase a new nest abroad. In fact, it is expected that 51% of Britons that are looking to purchase a home in the future will also buy a holiday home.

There are many reasons why residents are choosing to purchase a home abroad. Expats agree that spending time somewhere sunny offers a much less stressful life style than the typical 9 to 5 grind that they’re used to. Some areas also experience lower rates of crime and anti-social behaviour, which is perfect for the older generation to retire into. Even young families are beginning to start a new life overseas, hoping to give their children better opportunities.

Now, who could argue with that?

Here are some of our top-tips for future expats and holiday home owners at Len’s Self-Storage:

• Consider how long is your holiday or move for? Are you unsure about the amount of time you’re likely to spend in your second home? For the times that you’re not enjoying your home, Len’s Self Storage is the ideal way to ensure your possessions remain safe while you’re abroad.

• Ease of access – The middle of nowhere can sound blissful. No daily hustle and bustle, no annoying phone notifications, no constantly checking social media. But it can get old, fast. Experts suggest that you choose your holiday home somewhere that is easily accessed. After all, long journeys can take the gloss off of a relaxing holiday.

• Security – Here at Len’s Self Storage, we know the importance of security. That’s why all of our units are fitted with a sophisticated alarm system and CCTV. Make sure you don’t take any chances with either property and have the relevant provisions in place.

You may have decided that you are going to spend 6 months to a year out of the UK, or perhaps you’re moving for good but have some items you would like to keep in the family, for your loved ones that are left behind? You don’t have to depart with every worldly possession you own. This is where self-storage comes in.

With locations throughout Glasgow and Edinburgh we have plenty of storage options for you to choose from. We may be the last step before you enjoy your new holiday home!