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The Reality Gap – How Small Is Yours?

The story of the Len's

The Reality Gap in the housing market is basically the gap in price between your house’s asking price and the price you actually sell at.

In the most recent S1 Homes Scottish House Price Report, it shows a continued decrease in the ‘Reality Gap’ within the Scottish housing market, this is a good indicator of market health and can provide an interesting insight into the current market conditions.

The narrowing of the reality gap has been driven by an increase in the amount buyers are currently prepared to pay, with less price this means buyers are now prepared to pay more than they have been for quite some time.

So how can you minimise your Reality Gap?

The obvious answer is to set a lower asking price to begin with, but that’s not what you want to read and that’s not going to help you achieve the most from the sale.

Things that you can do to are to simply show your property at its best. A great way to get more money for your property is to give it a thorough de-clutter and tidy before even letting a potential buyer through the door!

Transforming your property into a blank canvas with lots of space to boast could be your saving grace. This allows potential buyers to visualise themselves living there, something which can be difficult if you are already using up the majority of the storage space available within your house – and that’s where our self-storage team can help you!

With 50 different sizes of storage rooms available in our Glasgow and Edinburgh facilities, we can confidently say that we’ll have a storage unit to fit your every need and budget. Our storage facilities are safe and secure and all of them are fitted with 24 hour CCTV and sophisticated alarm systems to give you peace of mind.

We also offer flexible access to your stored items, should you wish to bring something back to your home after a sale has been agreed, but we find most people are happy to leave everything with us until they have completed their move and de-cluttering actually helps make a start on the removal process.

Aside from the reality gap, the cost of not de-cluttering can mean your property remains on the market for longer than you would like, so clear out the clutter and clean up!

If you would like more information about storing your belongings with Len Lothian then contact one of our locations across central Scotland or visit our website for more options.

Good luck with your move!