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Security is our top priority!

The story of the Len's

Security is our top priority!

At Len’s Self Storage, we know that your possessions hold not just monetary value, but sentimental value too. That’s why our top priority when you choose to store with us is that your items are safe, secure and you have a complete peace of mind when you move them in to store with us.

What are our security measures?

We don’t just have a few alarms to keep things safe. We understand that security begins at the foundation, that’s why all of our units are made with reinforced galvanised steel so that you know you’re placing your items into a secure area to begin with.

There is no need to worry about outside access at Len’s Self-Storage. Each unit is secured with your own personal padlock and key. Even our staff will not have access to your items without your consent.
Furthermore, we employ regular day time patrols as well as the Group 4 nightly patrol. We strive to ensure that every unit receives the same care and attention, and take secure access very seriously.

Each unit is also fitted with a Red Care Alarm System. This means that they are connected directly to our call centre and the police, so you can always count on a direct response. This is teamed together with our 24 hour security camera surveillance.

Can I still see my items?

Of course you can! When you rent a secure unit or locker with Len’s Self-Storage, you are guaranteed secure and unlimited access during our opening hours. There is no extra cost to gain access to your things, all you need is your security pass and we’ll be happy to help you.

At Len’s Self Storage, we also offer full insurance cover for any items that you may choose to store with us. If you would prefer to take out your own policy we are glad to implement that too. It is your peace of mind that is important, and we will ensure that you are completely comfortable with our self-storage processes. But, make sure you have a copy of your policy if you wish to keep your own!

With truly flexible contracts (and only 1 day minimum storage time) you can be sure that renting storage space with Len’s Self Storage is definitely the right decision. If you would like to find out more or have any questions about our security measures, speak to us today!