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The Benefits of Self-Storage for Small Businesses

The story of the Len's

The UK Self-Storage industry has been experiencing a rapid amount of growth over the last 12 months alone. The Self-Storage Association UK Annual Survey for 2013 compiled by Deloitte Real Estate reveals that business customers increased their share of occupied space to 42% last year compared with 39% in 2012.

What has inspired the rise? More and smaller digital retailers are turning to self-storage commercially, propelled by the increase in the public’s desire to purchase goods online.

Using self-storage commercially is becoming more popular as it translates are better financial and commercial sense. If a small business chooses to rent or invest in a property to sell from, it can often come with unexpected expenses and you are almost guaranteed to pay council tax and maintenance costs. It can be difficult to manage productivity when you are concerned over a property that is costing more than you are making. However, often times storing from home is not the answer either as there is only so much space a spare room or garage may hold and stock can often change in quantity season to season.

Self-Storage is proving to be the popular option for small online retailers, demonstrating cost efficiency as well as safety. At home you may be concerned about the potential of theft, but other disasters can strike too, such as flooding or even fire. Are you certain that your house insurance will cover your stock too?

At Len’s Self Storage we have round the clock security, including 24/7 CCTV and sophisticated alarm systems. Each of our storage units are reinforced with galvanised steel and for added security, only you will have access to your stock with your own personal padlock and key. We have sizes that will suit you with flexible contract options, too. If you decide you need more or less space at any point, it can be changed according to your business needs.

For a smaller e-commerce based business, Len’s Self Storage is a cost effective and simple solution so that you can get the most out of your business.

For business users we also have our picking and packing service alongside our warehousing options so that dispatching your stock has never been easier. You can also access your stock and storage unit 7 days a week in conjunction with our opening hours. With unlimited access, you can have further peace of mind that your stock is sound and secure.

If you choose Self-Storage, you will also have to consider ease of access. That’s why here at Len’s Self Storage we have sites throughout Glasgow and Edinburgh, so you have your items in central locations.
If you would like to find out how self-storage can help your small business, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries!