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Do You Sell Online?

The story of the Len's

It’s never been easier to sell online…fact!

A few years ago ‘online’ sales were the domain of the big guys, as only they could afford the online and offline infrastructure to support these types of sales.

But in recent years, a plethora of tools and solutions have given everyone the ability to sell online. Off the shelf e-commerce solutions, Ebay and Amazon storefronts and even Facebook allows people to sell goods and services online.

This advancement in online tools however hasn’t really been mirrored with the same advances in offline infrastructure. To sell online you still need to store, ship and manage stock, which is easy enough for the average Ebay seller but for a business which is really serious about selling online these tasks can get out of hand quite quickly.

When faced with a range of products coming from a number of suppliers it can become very difficult and costly to manage stock levels, arrange for acceptance and to ship products effectively, that’s where Len Lothian comes in…

At Len Lothian we offer a range of services to help online retailers deliver a great service while keeping costs low.

Our full warehousing solution covers every area you might need help with. No longer do you need to sit in and wait on deliveries, we can check and accept stock deliveries into our warehouse on your behalf

But that’s just where us begins, from there we can then store them for you and update our stock management software so you know exactly how many of each product you have in stock at any one time! And when you receive an order, let us know and we’ll prepare the stock for transport and even arrange for delivery – let us take care of your orders, whilst you take care of business!

If you don’t need our full warehousing service we offer each individual service on its own, which allows you to select a tailored solution for your specific business needs and requirements.

We can also provide office space at our locations in Glasgow and Edinburgh which allows you to be based near your stock.

If you would like more information about our flexible warehousing solutions please give us a call today or get in touch here.