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Spring into decluttering this spring Spring has sprung!

And that means one thing – it’s time to get decluttering, sorting and dusting to give your home a new lease of life. To help with this yearly ritual, we’ve put together our top seven tips to an organised home.

1. Vacuum pack winter clothing.

It might not always be sunny in Scotland, but it’s safe to say you don’t need a full on padded parka now the warmer months are on their way. Your best friend in putting winter items into storage is the humble vacuum pack. It’s amazing how little space jumpers and coats take up when shrunk down with a little help from your vacuum cleaner. Why not put items you won’t wear again until winter into one of our safe, dry, and secure storage units? That way, you’ll have a summer wardrobe that’s quick and easy to navigate and keep organised.

2. Sort out your shed.

Everyone’s been there. You open the shed door come spring, and a lawnmower, bucket, and broom fall on your head. It’s a common habit that over winter, the shed becomes an easy place to fill with odd bits and pieces we don’t want in the house. Out of sight, out of mind. Well not anymore. It’s time to get everything out into the garden on a sunny day. Have a think about what you really need to keep in your shed to use through the warmer months, and the rest you can either let go of or put into storage to keep safe for the f uture. Because it’s difficult to dig out those garden chairs or go for a bike ride if you have to clamber through a pile of junk every time you open the door.

3. Ease into decluttering.

It is a daunting task letting go of items right away. So, if you’re feeling a little anxious about actually throwing items away or sending them to charity, our storage units are a safe option. They mean you can declutter that loft, bedroom or spare room without regrets. That way you can enjoy living clutter free, and take your time to really think about which objects you want to let go of.

4. Try going minimal this spring.

Living a minimal lifestyle is growing more and more in popularity. The idea is that you live with the bare minimum items you need in life. Your wardrobe has only a few outfits you really love and wear regularly, you don’t have knickknacks cluttering your living space, or unnecessary appliances you don’t use cluttering your kitchen worktops. This is quite a drastic form of spring decluttering, so to see if living minimal is for you, why not trial putting items you don’t think you need into storage for a month? By the end of it you’ll know if you’re happy to take the leap to going minimal full time.

5. Label boxes.

When you give a container a name, you create a rule about what’s supposed to go in it. That means you’re less tempted to fill it with clutter that doesn’t belong there. From kitchen draws to separating socks from tops in your wardrobe, labelled boxes also help you spot when one item category is overfilling. When that happens, think about why – is it because you have items you use in different seasons mixed in together, or have you just acquired several of the same item? A storage unit could be your best friend in this situation. We even sell boxes. But remember – the same rules about labelling them in your home also apply to boxes in self-storage!

6. Think about how often you use items.

A useful way to organise items this spring is to create separate piles according to how much you use them – every day, once a week, monthly, or yearly. If you’re only using items once a year or so, it’s potentially worth thinking about whether to put these in storage or donate items to charity. After all, it’s better decluttering your home or offering items up to someone who will use them. One way to know if items are better off destined for storage is to actually create a diary, listing items and marking a tally next to each if you use the m. If it scores under five in a month, it could be a sign to think about packing them into a storage box!

7. Take a photo of a room.

It’s one of those facts of life that you sometimes feel so at home that you stop seeing clutter in your living space. After all, you see it day in day out. One way to wake up and see the clutter is to take a photo of each room in your home. Weirdly enough, when you see the room in photo form, you see it more like an outsider would. And that means you spot clutter easily. This helps you identify any items to either put in a place that doesn’t cause clutter, send to recycling, or hold onto in a storage unit until you’ve figured out what to do with them. Do this every spring, and you’ll also capture how your home changes over the years – clutter and all!

After all this talk of decluttering, it’s time to put the kettle on and enjoy a good brew. While you do that, why not check out this month’s lovely spring storage offers here.