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Storage Tips – Business

Ease the growing pains of your business by transferring your dead files, excess furniture into one of our Self Storage rooms, saving you money on having to rent additional expensive office space.

Getting Len Lothian to accept deliveries on your behalf saves you valuable time to concentrate on other important aspects of your business.

By renting one of our Self Storage rooms you benefit from our extensive security systems which we have in place giving you peace of mind. A perfect solution for all your business needs.

Do you know what your storage is costing?

Rental of office space is costing between £150 to £183 per sq. meter per annum. Add on local authority rates and service charges and the total cost is between £235 to £308 per sq. meter per annum.

Transfer you excess furniture and dead files into one our Self Storage rooms and you’ll be talking about a saving of £123 to £168 per sq. meter per annum.

By totalling up the amount of space taken up by storage, your saving over 12 months could be substantial.

Flexible Rentals – Rent by the day! Compare this with a traditional lease and there is simply no comparison. In an uncertain world why sign up your organisation to a long term lease of a property when you don’t know if you will be requiring the space in a year, never mind 5 years! By renting your space with Len, the storage becomes a variable cost. You can increase of decrease the space you use on demand and you are also saving on many of the other costs associated with renting or owning your own property including; staffing, local authority rates, electricity, building maintenance, intruder and fire alarms and crucially no dilapidations when you move out.

Other benefits include: –

An improved working environment for your staff, boosting productivity.

Improve your disaster planning by storing off site records which could prove crucial in the event of a fire.

How much space will you need?

Room SizeVisualization Size

35 sq.ft.64 archive boxes or 4 Drawer Cabinets

50 sq.ft.80 archive boxes or 3 Desks,

3 Pedestals, 3 chairs

100 sq.ft.192 archive boxes or 8 Desks,

8 Pedestals, 8 chairs

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