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Student Seasonal Storage

The story of the Len's

You’ve got a lot on your plate if you’re a student. If it isn’t deadlines and presentations, it’s dealing with searching for accommodation every academic year and balancing the line between work and play. You’ll find yourself slowly but surely building a whole new life outside of the family home.

Moving back home during Winter break or summer can be a great way to recharge after a busy year. But it can also be very cumbersome. Moving your possessions from one home to another every six months is not only time consuming, but can prove expensive and often you will sacrifice some of your things just so it isn’t as much of a hassle!

Here at Len’s Self Storage, we provide a full removal service including van and drive rental service to help you pack up and move out, no matter the time of year. We also offer flexible storage solutions with lockers in a variety of sizes. These are offered in a short and long term basis – meaning that you can easily pick up your items and move in to your new flat without having to re-box and pack!

Of course, as a student, you don’t want to break the bank. Our storage spaces across Glasgow and Edinburgh begin from as little as £1 per day. Have flatmates? You can band together and share a locker space, further cutting down on the cost. Furthermore, if you choose to book in advance, you could save up to 6%!

We are open 7 days and week and happy to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call today or book online!