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There’s no Place Like Home

Bringing home a new family member for the first time is a very special event. Not only are you welcoming them into your home but also into your life and having the right atmosphere when you arrive home can make a world of difference when it comes to settling them in and letting them know this is their home too. But is your home ready for your new arrival? Have you cleared the clutter out? Did you remember to make space in the drawers for their things? Have you moved the old couch? And are you still deciding what to do about the rusty kitchen sink?

So whether the new family member comes with nappy changes and hourly feeding or with four tiny paws and a big furry tail, being prepared for their impending arrival means you can focus on spending your time with them and not thinking about the next piece of furniture to move out or is it safe to have that big oak bookcase in the hall?

But we know you love that bookcase. So instead of trying for a while to sell it, finally finding a buyer then realizing that in a few years you miss having it, why not store it and any of your other items with us, Len’s Self Storage. We will keep your items safe and dry and with our 24hr CCTV monitoring your items will be secure in our care. So pack up that old bedding, collect up the clutter, say a (temporary!) goodbye to the bookcase and give us a call. With convenient locations in Glasgow and Edinburgh, you are never far from one of our storage sites.

Require some help to transport your items? Don’t worry, we can arrange, at your convenience, to collect your items for storage letting your use your time to focus on what matters most to you.

To book a storage unit or to find out more about how we can accommodate your needs give us a call in either Edinburgh or Glasgow on 0131 516 7752/ 0141 530 3570. Alternatively get in touch via our website.