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Top 10 5minute de-clutter hacks everyone needs to know about!

De-cluttering your home is a big undertaking but keeping it that way can be an everyday battle against the clutter! So here are a few tips to make your fight against the mess a little easier (and less terrifying!). Take 5 minutes each day and tackle something [1]– the key to winning the larger battle is tackling the small ones first!

1) Tell people what you are doing! This is really important (especially if you live with other people). Not only will it give others a chance to move their stuff but it may mean people are less likely to buy you things to create more clutter.

2) Create a space for incoming paper work e.g bills and catalogues. Keep track of all things coming through the letter box to stop stray paper piles appearing!

3) Set up a simple filing system so you know where to look for a document if you need it!

4) Go into the wardrobe and pull out all the clothes you haven’t worn for at least a year, put them into a box and arrange to take them to a charity shop – if you haven’t worn them for a year what are the chances you will wear them again?

5) Visualise how you want the space to look after you de-clutter. Having a clear picture of what a space can look like will help motivate you towards your de-clutter goals

6) Set up a ‘maybe’ box for each of your rooms. Put everything in the box that you are not sure if you want to keep or throw out. Label what’s in the box then keep it somewhere like a cupboard and wait for a while (say a year). If you come back to it then keep it, if not ditch it!

7) Pick one shelf and clear it completely of all clutter on it. Repeat once each day until all your shelves are free from clutter!

8) Pick up 5 things on the floor/on the sofa/in the kitchen ect, decide where they should go and put them there!

9) Label boxes. This means you know exactly where to look for something instead of emptying a whole box to find the last clean sock!

10) Reduce the amount of things coming into your home. Your de-cluttering resolution won’t mean much if you are still bringing in more than what you are throwing out! Try instead to plan what you need to buy and when. Wait before you buy something and ask yourself – do I really need this?

Most of all, make de-cluttering a fun pastime! Set yourself (achievable) goals and maybe a few challenges to keep things interesting e.g how many things can I sell on Ebay in a month?

The more you enjoy it, the more likely you are to keep the clutter at bay!

[1] Adapted from http://zenhabits.net/18-five-minute-decluttering-tips-to-start-conquering-your-mess/