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Top 10 tips for surviving uni

Getting to grips with being a student does not mean you need to completely re-work your life however, organising your time and your space (no matter how big or how small), can improve not only your concentration but your confidence, your health and reduce your stress levels[1]– what’s not to like! But how do you go about getting your student life in order? Whether you are preparing for your first year at university or are an experience student, here are the 10 top tips to guide you through any year of university.

1) Invest in a good planner/diary (and use it!). Keep on track will all of your activities each week and beyond. Make sure to highlight things like holidays for a little motivation!

2) Be creative and colour code your activities. Great for having a quick glance at your planner to see what needs to be done today!

3) Don’t over plan study time! Make sure you are consistent (give yourself some structure!) and don’t overwork yourself (this will only lead to stress!)

4) It’s easy to get lost in a world of paper work and textbooks. Try to take some time each day for a walk, do some yoga, go for a run…. Give yourself a break to gather your thoughts

5) Take time to plan your daily activities. This way nothing is forgotten and unexpected things (deadlines) won’t creep up on you!

6) Organise your study space. Whether your throw everything out, put some of it in storage or simply rearrange it to suit your needs, having a well thought out and organised area to study can really help you focus!

7) Give yourself achievable goals. Make sure you keep checking your progress and adjust them as you need to. This will give you a focus for the year.

8) Eat well. Nourishing your body (and brain!) is a good (and mostly easy) way of making sure you have the right energy to focus on your studies

9) Sleep well. We’ve all been there pulling an all-nighter before a test but getting a good night’s sleep is critical for being awake and alert for your study time/test the next day

19) Ask for help if you need it! Everyone needs help at some point during their studies, no matter if it’s note borrowing or someone to hug, make sure to get the help you need to make your (already stressful) life as a student easier.

Before you know it university will be over; enjoy it while it lasts!

[1] https://unclutterer.com/2011/03/29/scientists-find-physical-clutter-negatively-affects-your-ability-to-focus-process-information/