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Top 7 Tips for minimising the baby clutter!

Did you know that worldwide ~4 babies[1] are born every second; that’s a lot of babies! (and even more stuff that comes with them!). On average, new parents spend close to £1000[2] on ‘baby essentials’ for their little one, and who can blame them wanting the best for their little bundle of joy! But looks can be deceptive. Looking down at a tiny newborn baby, you could never guess just how many (big) things such a small person will needs. From a pram to a crib, countless little outfits, bottle warmers, swaddling cloths, burping cloths, thermometers, crib mobiles….. and the list continues! Before you know it, your home is full to the brim of things for the baby- but this is just another part of welcoming your new family member into your home.

But before they arrive, you may need to make a little extra room for all those tiny baby jackets or the latest must have pram on the market and having a good clear out looks like the way to go! Decide what you need, where it is going and what you need to move out to accommodate what you want to move in. But what do you do with all your left over things? Especially that box of Power rangers you and your mum reminisced over last week or that pile of old baby clothes your great grandma insisted you keep, after all your grandfather and father both wore them! Keeping those memories are important but you need to make space for your own new ones too!

So what can you do to create more space in your home for your new arrival? Take full advantage of that nesting instinct with our top tips for preparing your home for the baby:

1) If you are having a nursery, decide on the room first then plan the layout you want before bringing in too much furniture

2) Decide carefully on the furniture you need to buy (these will be the biggest things in the room). Choosing furniture that has in built storage e.g under cot drawers or a changing table with hanging space is a great way to maximize your space!

3) Clear the room of all (adult) clutter

Set up a box for things you may need but are not sure about- come back to it in a few months and see if you still need/want them

Collect together things you want to get rid of. Plenty of organisations, charity shops and Freecycle programs are always looking for useful donations!

Decide if there are things you want to sell and sell them! Try Gumtree, eBay and even Facebook. Great for clearing the clutter and raising a little money for your new arrival!

Decide what you can’t part with but don’t need at the moment and arrange for it to be stored. You can always have a rummage through later and get rid of (or bring back!) your things.

4) Plan out your storage options. If your room is small, remember there are also 4 walls which can be used for shelves, hanging pictures and hooks (plus once the little one begins to move more you won’t want too much on the floor!)

5) Remember that little ones clothes are small (and quite short) so installing a second hanging rail in your wardrobe can maximize hanging space, and once they get a little bigger, you can just remove the rail!

6) Label boxes well. No need to tip out all contents onto the floor to find that little summer dress great aunt Babs sent you!

7) Open baskets are a great way to keep toys off the floor but still let you see what’s in them (and when the little one gets older they can help themselves to a toy from baskets easily!)

After doing a little, often you may find that dream nursery (and home) will soon be a reality and you can enjoy those first precious moments with your little one in a clutter free, stress free environment!

[1] http://www.theworldcounts.com/stories/How-Many-Babies-Are-Born-Each-Day

[2] http://www.theguardian.com/money/2014/feb/22/new-mums-baby-average-spend-cost