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Useful home-sorting-and-storing tips

Right now, it feels like the worlds gone topsy-turvy as we’re all staying at home. But why not turn the lockdown into a productive time to sort and organise your place so it’s extra organised – ready for business as usual later in the year? Here are some home-sorting-and-storing ideas to get you started.

1. Do the toybox reshuffle
Get kids to look through their toys and pick ten of them that they think they’ve grown out of to put into storage – whether that’s in the loft, or at one of Len’s secure facilities when we reopen later in the year. After all, while many toys have special memories attached to them, it’s important that you don’t end up being run out of house and home by action figures and old games!

2. Reclaim the shed
When you’re busy working, commuting, and taxiing the wee ones about, it can be easy to leave a decade of collected items out of sight, out of mind in an outhouse. But right now, with all that extra time not travelling about, it’s perfect to give your shed a good sort out. Why not organise things into boxes of stuff you need, and things which you might be better placed putting into a storage unit later in the year to free up functional space so you can potter to your heart’s content in your rediscovered shed.

3. Trash in the attic?
Between the cobwebs, there might be some gems to be rediscovered beyond the loft hatch. Have a look and make sure precious heirlooms, photos and family bric-a-brac are all safely stored away to keep them safe. Plastic sealed tubs and boxes can be a good choice. Why not label and set aside those boxes which could be put into a self-storage unit later? After all, there’s only so much you can place on the rafters! Of course, not everything is worth keeping – set broken or unusable items aside to be disposed or recycled of responsibly at a later date.

Shelf after shelf of DVDs can be a hugely wasteful use of good storage space in your home – particularly with so many shows and films readily available to stream online. One way to maximise space is to reorganise DVDs out of their cases and into a folder filled with disc wallets instead – nifty and easy to navigate to find your favourite film too. Why not even consider putting some into self-storage this summer to free up even more shelf space?

5. The ‘book’ stops here
Sure, you might not want to part with that 1960s edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. But we’re here to help look after it so you don’t have to worry. Now’s the time now to box up those books you want to keep for sentimental or practical reasons, but which are taking up precious space at home. When everything’s back to normal, we have a secure unit ready to become your library from home.

6. Wardrobe refresh
One activity that’ll pass a good few hours is to get the whole household to sort through their wardrobes. After all, we’ve all got items that don’t fit or which, morally, shouldn’t see the light of day every again. Get everyone to bag up the things they want to recycle and things which while you don’t want to wear, have emotional value. Set these aside until later in the year when you can have a think about whether some of it would be better in self-storage – or – as in the case of that 90s line-dancing cowboy hat – gone for good

7. Park away clutter
Imagine if the garage didn’t drive you round the bend as a disorganised chaos, and went back to a place to drive your car into. It can. While you have the time to do something about it, re-sort power tools, drill bits, and screwdrivers back into their complete sets, discard of unnecessary packaging, and set aside anything you think doesn’t belong there. Be strict. This is your car’s home after all. And rest assured –lots of bulky stuff like camping gear or garden games could be kept out of the road in a secure self-storage lock up when this lockdown’s over

8. Make home work for you
Remote working? Why not organise a dedicated space so you can work from home better Sure, it might usually be your spare bedroom. But that doesn’t mean you can’t put bedside lamps and box-room bits n’ bobs into temporary storage, for example in the loft, so you have a dedicated, professional, clutter-free nook. You might find that you want to keep your new office setup when this is all over – in which case we’ll be here to help offer a space to store any belongings you need out of the way.

We hope these ideas will help your stay at home feel more organised, structured and a wee bit less stressful. From everyone at Len’s Self-Storage – stay home, stay safe. And when we’re all out of self-storage, check out the services we can offer here.