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What does space mean to you?

That’s the question we asked Edinburgh’s next generation of photographers studying at Edinburgh College.

We briefed them to explore the theme of ‘space’. The students then had free reign to interpret how to capture it on camera, and come up with a creative solution.

The project was so successful it grew into a photography exhibition with a difference – on display in a massive storage room at Len’s Self Storage in Sighthill, Edinburgh.

The flexible storage space was an amazing opportunity to display the work of 22 talented students. We also invited along industry partners from across Edinburgh. And a DJ, of course. After all, there was more than enough space for a dance.

Here are the top ten shots that caught Len’s eye.

10. James Finlayson

We agree – you can’t beat a spacious lawn! Unless you’ve got hay fever, that is.

9. Lance Aikman

A really enchanting image. We’re lovin’ that light fitting. Nice spot to stretch out and read a book, too.

8. James Frost

We’d love to float down a river on a paper boat with not a care in the world. Dreamy.

7. Mark Billingham

Very spacious, indeed. Len thinks this captures that feeling when you’ve just completely de-cluttered a room.

6. Diana Sosnowska

Len is impressed by the creativity of this epic space adventure. Let’s boldly store like no one’s stored before!

5. Agata Moreno

Very creative use of a matchbox. Just like a well-planned storage locker. Lovely.

4. Susan Hunter

A lonely teddy in the loft – if only there was a storage unit they could live in with other bears. Len isn’t crying, there’s something in his eye.

3. Zaneta Nowak

Len approves of how minimal this is. Free of clutter, free as a bird on the breeze.

2. Samantha Sweeney

The feeling of being unhindered, surrounded by space, brings Len joy. If only we could put traffic into permanent storage.

1. Katy McGuiness

Len truly relates to this image, how you’ve captured one man’s treasure trove as a real organised chaos. That’s what we like to see – genius use of space. Top job!

Who knew we were not only born to store, but to host artsy exhibitions. Turns out, there’s no end to what you can put into a Len’s storage unit! So don’t hesitate to give us a shout if you have something unusual you’d like us to host or store. Find out more here.