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Death of 9 to 5?

The story of the Len's

It’s the dream isn’t it? Waking up in the morning, having your coffee, getting ready for the work… which just happens to be at home! More people are choosing to operate their businesses from their home. Whether you work for yourself or part of a company working from home often seems like the best scenario. However, dreams of long lies and working from the comfort of your bed can quickly turn into a nightmare of unorganised documents, sleeping on top of folders and having no room for your home life!

Len’s Self-Storage gives you a brief rundown of working from home:

• Closer to friends and family – With a young child at home, working at home can be ideal. You’re still at home for the important moments and available to pick up any poorly little ones from school.

• Flexible Scheduling – Early riser or late bloomer, it doesn’t matter! Working from home means you work at your own schedule.

• Wear what you like – If you do your best work in your dinosaur onesie you got for Christmas last year, who can stop you?

• No commute – Finally! No more train delays on cold winter mornings. No more sopping wet feet walking to work. No more of your Sat Nav getting you lost and frustrating morning traffic. The largest commute you make is from your desk to your fridge!

• Distractions – Suddenly you’re compelled to reorganise your documents from the last year. In alphabetical order, colour coded, with matching dividers. And backup copies. Reprinted in a new font. (You get the idea!)

• Too much flexibility – Flexibility in your working hours can be a delight, but friends and family may take your new working schedule to mean that you’re available much more often than you actually are. Balance, is key.

• Isolation – Especially if you live alone. Having your home become your office can be very rewarding, but it can also mean you neglect your social obligations, too. If you’re starting to draw faces on post-it-notes and calling them your friends, perhaps it’s time to reconnect with old colleagues, friends and family!

What can we take from this? Organisation is key! For a successful working life, the separation of home and office is essential. This is where Len’s Self-Storage comes in. We can help you downsize your office space with our flexible storage options and 7 days a week access.

If you have stock orders to fill but no space to store them, we also have Warehousing available. No matter what your home office needs are, we’re happy to help.

Can you relate to this? Call Len’s Self-Storage today to discuss your requirements.