Scottish Bible Society

Scottish Bible Society
A testament to Len’s storage solutions and customer service.

We were chuffed to bits when the Scottish Bible Society chose Len’s Self Storage as a safe and secure space to organise their charity’s resources. We caught up with them to find out what they’re all about, and how our business storage solutions are helping their organisation. 

What does your organisation do?

The Scottish Bible is a charity based in Edinburgh’s West End. We raise funds and produce resources to promote Biblical literature through partner agencies around the world and here in Scotland.  

How long have you stored with Len’s? 

We initially booked one 500ft storage unit at Len’s in February 2019, followed by two smaller units of approximately 200ft within a short period of time.

What made you choose Len’s Self Storage? 

Our building previously included warehouse space but has now been refurbished and repurposed throughout. We require somewhere safe and secure to house stock and archives. On a previous occasion, some 15 years ago, we went through the same process on a smaller scale and found everyone at Len’s Self Storage to be friendlyhelpful and available when required. Price obviously also played a key part in our decision.

How does Len’s Self Storage assist the operations of your business?

We use Len’s Self Storage primarily for office stock, archive files and occasional promotions media. We also have some temporary historic publications which we ultimately hope to migrate to a partner agency in England. In the meantime, Len’s offers flexibility, security and convenience for all our storage needs – at a suitable cost for space required.

Would you recommend Len’s Self Storage to other businesses? 

Definitely – yes!


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