10-step Spring cleaning plan for 2022

Woman cleaning

Spring is upon us! That means fields of flowers, buzzing bees, and for most of us, the annual spring clean-up. With the COVID-19 pandemic still very much present, we owe it to ourselves, our family and friends to slap on a pair of cleaning gloves and get to work scrubbing away a year’s worth of germs and grime that has crept in under our noses.   


To make the process a little easier and to speed it up, take a look at our 10-step spring cleaning plan for 2022.  

  1. Tackle one room at a time   

If you try to do everything at once, you’re only setting yourself up for failure and frustration. Make a list of each of the rooms that need a deep clean, and start with the one that receives the most foot traffic, like the living room.  


  1. Declutter closets and cupboards   

We all accumulate tons of clutter during the year, often without realising it. Closets and kitchen cupboards start to spill out, becoming impossible to keep neat and tidy. Sort through your items and decide what you are going to keep, throw away or donate.   


  1. Find a place for everything   

Once you’ve decided what you’re keeping, it’s time to find a suitable place for it. Consider shelving that may not be used effectively or empty cupboard space. Sometimes the best spot is not inside your home, so consider your garage or a self storage unit.  


  1. Make the windows shine again   

Use good spring weather as an excuse to make the windows sparkle again. To involve the whole family, get the kids involved and run a fun contest to see who can get their window the shiniest. Incentivisation is a wonderful thing!  


  1. Reach into the cracks   

Dirt and grime build up in cracks over time, turning your home into a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. To make sure your home is safe and clean, use a scrubbing brush and reach into the cracks between tiles and those tricky corners where dust and dirt collect.   


  1. Move to microfibre   

Made from polyester and polyamide, microfibre cleaning products are excellent dust and dirt destroyers. The smart material also allows you to scrub away built-up dirt on glass or mirrored surfaces without scratching them.   


  1. Deep clean the fridge   

From spilt milk to expired mayo, the fridge can become a nightmare if you don’t clean it now and then. Remove all food and condiments and get rid of anything that has expired. Then, spray the inside with disinfectant and scrub shelves for a sparkling finish. It might also be a good idea to defrost the freezer and get rid of frost that has built up.   


  1. Organise the garage   

Whether you have a garage or a shed, it's important to organise this space and get rid of any clutter and rubbish that has accumulated. Sort toys and tools, and store away whatever you can. Making use of the wall space is also a great way to organise the area and keep it clean.   


  1. Polish appliances   

Used daily, our appliances can get caked with jam, butter, and a variety of other things. Although this should already be a part of your weekly cleaning routine, it's important to wipe down these appliances to get rid of germs and keep them in good working condition.   


  1. Store away the excess  

After you’ve cleaned and organised your home for the rest of the year, you’ll undoubtedly have a pile of excess items with nowhere to put them. From seasonal decorations and sports gear to old toys and extra linen, storing away these items in a secure storage unit is a great way to free up space and keep your home clean and organised for another year. If you are looking for an extension of your home, then self storage may be the answer you are looking for.  


Len’s Self Storage offers a simple and stress-free way to free up space in your home and store away excess items after you’ve spring cleaned your home. With secure facilities in Edinburgh and Glasgow, homeowners can safely store all their excess items hassle-free. For more information call us on 0131 552 8141 / 0141 810 8580 or get a speedy online quote.