The benefits of document archiving

Woman with file

We all know that paperwork can be a pain, especially if you're the type who loves to keep everything organised and filed away. But what can you do when your office is overflowing with documents and you’ve run out of room to store them neatly? Well, the answer is simple - you turn to self storage!  


Available in a wide range of sizes -  starting as small as a locker - self storage units provide the most cost-effective solution to document archiving troubles. Here are just a few of the benefits. 

No more lost data 

Given the importance of data in today's business world, it's no wonder that companies are looking for ways to protect their information. By investing in an off-site self storage unit, you can prevent valuable or confidential data from being lost in the event of fire, flood, theft or simple human error. 

Organised and easy to access 

For companies that produce a lot of documentation, self storage can be a lifesaver when it comes to organisation and easy access. With a wide variety of unit sizes available, you’ll have all the space necessary to create an organisational system that is easy to access instead of wasting time and resources searching through piles of documents.  

Limits unauthorised access 

Confidential or sensitive material, such as medical records or financial documents, can be difficult to keep safe. If these documents are stored in a home or bustling office, there is always the risk of unauthorised access. However, self storage facilities include various security measures, keeping you in total control of who has access. 

Frees up valuable office space 

Did you know that self storage can help you save money? Rather than investing in expensive filing cabinets that will clutter up the office or need to relocate to a larger and more expensive office, self storage provides an affordable and convenient way to keep documents safe off-site for as long or as short as you need.  


With flexible rental agreements, a wide range of unit sizes, and top-quality security measures, Len’s Self Storage is your affordable solution to document archiving. For more information on our Business Storage solutions, pop into your nearest branch, give us a call or click on the chat icon below.