Best methods for storing jewellery

Box in bubble wrap

If you have a love-hate relationship with jewellery, you’re not alone. Knowing you have the perfect necklace to complete your look is an amazing feeling, but spending an hour untangling that necklace from a giant messy clump is not.   
If you’re tired of misplacing earrings or losing hours of your life untangling necklaces, we look at a few of the best methods for storing jewellery. 

Stackable organisers  

Not only can you fit at least three of these organisers stacked on top of each other, but you can rest easy knowing that all your jewellery bits will have a designated space to call home. From rings and necklaces to watches and cufflinks, these organisers will keep your valuables safe, dry and organised while saving counter space.   

Foldable cases  

If you’re a regular traveller, invest in a foldable jewellery case. Able to comfortably fit in a standard drawer, simply fold this beauty up when you’re ready for your next trip and pop it straight into your bag.   

Bulletin boards  

Place one of these boards inside a cupboard door or the back of your bedroom door. Pop in a few drawing pins, spacing them as wide as needed and voila! A low-cost DIY jewellery organiser that is as simple to make as it is effective. Martha Stewart would be proud.  

Repurposed frames  

Whether you need to take a trip to a thrift store or you’re able to repurpose an old picture frame, this is a unique way of storing your jewellery. Not only does the frame double up as a decorative item, but now your jewellery is organised, tangle-free and in one place.   

Pro tip: Use a few frames to create a jewellery gallery wall if you have the space  

Recycle egg cartons  

From piercing your earrings through the cardboard to ensure they stay in place to wrapping necklaces around the heightened edges, this DIY storage hack will ensure you never lose another piece of jewellery again! It’s also low-cost and recyclable!   


Now that your jewellery situation is taken care of, use that organising energy to tackle the rest of your home. With personal storage units available in a wide range of sizes, Len’s Self Storage has all the space you need for household extras.   

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