Boxing clever


The humble cardboard box. To us, it’s a hero. A partner in self-storage if you like. But have you actually stopped to think just how versatile this corrugated storage superstar really is? We have. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to some quick, cheap, and smart ways you can use cardboard boxes to organise your life and have fun at the same time.

At Lens we supply everything you need to get your stuff packed away and ready to go into your storage locker or secure unit.

1. Create a shoe store

Cut a box into lots of rectangular, equally sized strips. Fold each into three and tape into a triangle. Stack them up to fit as many shoe slots as you need. And voila — you’ve got your very own DIY shoe rack, perfect to keep shoes stored neatly in your wardrobe. You could also adapt this to store anything from socks, to ties, to undercrackers!

2. Fabric covered storage cubes

Give a certain Scandinavian furniture store a run for its money with these totally affordable, customisable storage cubes. Simply use some fabric to wrap a cardboard box. Also, no need to buy new fabric, you can upcycle anything from an old throw to character bed sheets. Use a stapler to hold the fabric into place and there you have it, you’re very own homemade storage cube. The best part is that you can completely customise this to match any colour or theme.

3. Build a laundry robot

Let your imagination go wild with this fun storage solution kids will love. You just need two boxes. Cut a hole in the bottom of the box you’re using as its head, a mouth hole so you can feed it, and another at the top of the box that will become its body, then stick the smaller one on top with sticky tape. Wee ones will have a great time helping you decorate it. Now for the important bit - tell family members that this is the new laundry robot, and it loves to eat dirty socks to keep them neatly stored away on their journey to the washing machine.

4. Pretend you’re on the telly.

This is a classic. It’s a no-nonsense way to store away *ahem* we mean entertain, wee ones. Just cut out a square and draw some dials. Pop it on your wee one’s noggin and let them enjoy their 15 minutes of fame! When they’re not using it as a live performance space, it’s also a great place to store a sleepy cat.

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