Can I run an online business from a storage unit?

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Did you know that you can run an online business from a self storage unit? Not only can you, but it’s one of the smartest ways in which to do so. If COVID-19 has taught us one thing, it’s that we have to adapt. This is true of many new business owners who are looking to reshape how they launch and run their businesses. 


Why pay high fees and be stuck in long-term lease when you can use the flexibility, convenience and short-term rental benefits that self storage offers. A self storage unit can act as a central operations base to run your growing e-commerce business from.  


If you’re thinking about running your online business from a storage unit, here’s everything you need to know.


What kinds of businesses can work out of a storage unit?  


This depends on the self storage company you are partnering with as you grow your fledgling business into a serious market player. At Len's Self Storage, many renowned online retailers make use of our self storage facilities to keep their operating costs low and profits high. With many using platforms like Amazon, Etsy and eBay to advertise and sell their products, all they need is a secure location to store and package their products for distribution. Businesses that sell the following products commonly work out of a storage unit: 


  • Electronics 
  • Clothing  
  • Crafts and handmade goods 
  • Artworks  
  • Homeware and decor 
  • Bespoke or second-hand furniture  
  • Beauty products  
  • Jewellery  


Benefits of running an online business from a storage unit  


Reduced operating costs  

Whether you’ve just started out or are taking your business abroad, cutting down on unnecessary costs is key to the survival and success of any company. As an online business, you don’t have to rent an expensive store to market and sell your goods from. However, you do need a secure place to store your stock. A self storage facility is a lot cheaper than traditional warehouses and office spaces, and features a variety of unit sizes so you only pay for the space you need.  


Tight security for your stock  

As an online business, your stock is your livelihood. While you might get away with storing a few boxes in your friend’s spare room or mom’s garage, once business starts to pick up, you’ll need a more secure place. A storage facility is equipped with advanced security measures such as 24-hour CCTV surveillance, alarms and a fully manned office to ensure your goods have round-the-clock protection.  


Central and easy to access facility  

While many online retailers use warehouses to operate their business from or store stock, these facilities are often situated in remote locations that can be a hassle to access on the weekend. Storage facilities are located in the hub of major towns and cities and usually have computer-controlled access points to allow businesses to come and go as they please.  


Flexible storage that grows with you  

The nature of an online business is that you often have high and low seasons where the amount of stock you need can shoot up or down overnight. With a storage facility, you can upsize or downsize your unit as needed. Storage facilities also give you the freedom to stay as long as you need with no long-term contracts or commitments.  


At Len’s Self Storage, we offer affordable storage solutions for all your household and business needs. With secure storage facilities in Edinburgh and Glasgow, you can safely store all of your valuable items nearby and easily access them 7-days a week. If you’re not sure what size you need, give us a call and we’ll help you find the right size for your needs. You can also use our handy online size guide to get a better idea. You can also chat to us by clicking on the chat button below. 

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