Easy ways to upgrade your dorm room

Woman in dorm room

Dorm rooms are designed to provide students with the traditional comforts of home, but many of them are the definition of beige, boring and basic. If you're ready to say goodbye to a generic room and hello to your new personalised home, we've got a few easy ways to upgrade your dorm room. 

Upgrade your bed 

Although this may be costly, purchasing a mattress top, a down duvet and quality bedding is a great way to ensure you stay well rested and comfortable all year long. Quality bedding is an investment that can last you from your first year to your last, making it well worth the cost. 

Transform your desk 

If your desk is just a basic slab of wood, a hutch can create extra storage space instantly. Available in different styles, a hutch is essentially a set of shelves or cabinets you add to the top of your plain desk for an elevated and expensive look. 

Go floral 

Nothing adds life, colour and personality quite like a beautiful selection of flora and fauna. Whether going real or faux, a few inexpensive plants can quickly transform a cold space into a homey oasis. 

Brighten up the place  

It wouldn’t be a uni dorm without string lights. Relatively inexpensive, versatile, and easy to use, you can hang them around the frame of your bed, along the window, or around picture frames to upgrade your room with a subtle artsy aesthetic. 

Scent matters 

While most dorms ban candles as a fire hazard (fair), an inexpensive diffuser is a perfect alternative. Aromatherapy is great for relaxation, focus and sleep. Best of all, essential oils are incredibly low-cost, allowing you to stock up on all your favourite scents. 


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